To filter out junk and infected mail and thereby improve the security and stability of the mail system, Heilongjiang Tobacco Industry Co. Ltd. (or Heilongjiang Tobacco) deployed the NeoKylin security-enhanced mail system V6.0 on servers to transmit mail through mail webs and clients, and meet mail transmission and storage requirements.


  • Processor: ARM (FT-2000+/64)

  • Server: Inspur Yingxin server

  • OS: Galaxy Kylin Advanced Server Operating System V10

  • Service system: Heilongjiang Tobacco's security mail system


  • Industry benchmark: The successful implementation of the NeoKylin security-enhanced mail system set a precedent for the deployment of security mail systems in Heilongjiang. The number of mail system users surpassed 7,000, and this experience has been helping to build towards large-scale application in the future.

  • Secure and reliable: The NeoKylin security-enhanced mail system uses a proxy to isolate the intranet zone from other zones, ensuring that mail is highly secure.