WangXunTechnical Committee2020-03-25ReleaseLifecycle

openEuler 社区版本命名,发布时间与生命周期管理

  • 社区版本按按照交付年份和月份进行版本号命名。例如,openEuler 20.09 于 2020 年 09 月发布。
  • openEuler release is named based on the delivery year and month. For example, openEuler 20.09 will be released in September 2020.
  • 社区版本分为长期支持版本和创新版本。
  • We have two kinds of release: long-term support release and innovation release.
  • 长期支持版本:发布间隔周期定为 2 年,提供 4 年社区支持。社区首个 LTS 版本 openEuler 20.03 将于 20 年 3 月正式发布。
  • Long-term support release: The release interval is set to two years, and four-year-community-support is provided. openEuler 20.03-the first LTS will be officially released in March 2020.
  • 社区创新版本:LTS 版本之间每隔 6 个月 openEuler 会发布一个社区创新版本,提供 6 个月社区支持。
  • Innovation release: openEuler publishes an innovation version every six months between LTS versions and provides six-month community support.
  • 欢迎社区开发者和用户提出宝贵建议,以上规则将根据反馈意见以及社区实施情况不断完善。
  • Developers and users are welcome to provide your valuable suggestions. The rule will be updated based on feedback and implementation.