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In order to facilitate the development or test of developers in the openEuler community, Peng Cheng Liboratory provides some virtual machines. This article introduces the application steps for openEuler community developers to apply for Arm virtual machine in Peng Cheng Laboratory.

Note: The resource is for developers who contribute in the openEuler community, including code development, testing, document development, and any other ways of contribution.

Application Procedures

Submit application in openEuler community and get approval
  1. Log in openEuler Issue on Gitee and create the application

The link is

  1. Create an issue
  • Type:需求

  • Title:Starting with "[VM Application in PCL]"

  • Content template:

- PCL ID:(Apply at

- Purpose:

- The links related with the purpose(one or more):
    - Issue link:
    - Pull Request link:
    - SIG link:
    - Project link:

- Duration(days):  (<=30 days)

- How many VMs:

  1. Wait for openEuler Infrastructure team to review and approve

The following will review and approve: @freesky-edward @imjoey @TommyLike @zerodefect

  1. After it is approved, please write down the issue url.
Apply in Peng Cheng Laboratory (sorry for only Chinese interface)
  1. login

  2. Click 需求申请 to start the application

  3. Page 1

  • 项目名称:openEuler Development

  • 项目信息:其他--openEuler

  • 项目简介:openEuler项目是位于openeuler.org的开源项目,旨在通过社区合作,打造创新平台,构建支持多处理器架构、统一和开放的操作系统,推动软硬件应用生态繁荣发展。

  • 领域信息:其他--openEuler操作系统

  • 领域概述:openEuler操作系统,是基于Linux Kernel的Linux发行版。

  1. Page 2
  • 产品名称:openEuler

  • 产品信息:测试/研发类产品

  • 产品概述:openEuler项目是位于openeuler.org的开源项目,旨在通过社区合作,打造创新平台,构建支持多处理器架构、统一和开放的操作系统,推动软硬件应用生态繁荣发展。

  • 云服务用途:your usage

  • 用途概述:Used for openEuler project development and the issue link is issue url

  1. Page 3: fill it according to your usage

  2. Page 4:fill it according to your needs

  3. End

Release the VMs

There are 2 ways to release the resource.

  1. Release at

  2. Once it expires, it will be released. Please back up your work.


  1. If you have any questions, please

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