SIG Member Management Solution for the openEuler Community

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Roles of Community SIG Members

Following discussion with multiple SIGs and the Technical Committee, the roles of openEuler community SIG members are divided as follows:

MaintainerSIG planner who is responsible for driving the vision of the SIG, regularly organizing SIG meetings, and presenting the SIG status to the community on behalf of the SIG.
CommitterPrincipal owner of a SIG repository. Committers are also reserve forces for maintainers in the SIG.
ContributorContributor to a SIG repository, who is responsible for fixing repository issues and developing code and is a backup for committers.
DeveloperContributor to the community. Those who have made long-term contributions to the community can recommend themselves or be recommended as repository contributors or even committers.
RepoAdminSome self-developed code repositories of the community require the git push permission, and therefore the Admin permission is set for these repositories. In most cases, the SIG maintainer assumes this role and is responsible for the full code incorporation of these repositories.

Division of Rights and Responsibilities of SIG Members

Different roles have different rights and responsibilities in the community (especially on the Gitee platform).

SIG Member RoleRecord sig_info.yamlSubmit CodeComment "/approve" to Merge PRsMerge git push
Maintainer✔️✔️ [All repositories]✔️
Committer✔️✔️✔️ [Some repositories]
RepoAdmin✔️✔️✔️ [Some repositories]✔️ [Some repositories]

Member Management Solution

  1. A sig_info.yaml file is added to each SIG for managing community members.

  2. The sig_info.yaml file takes effect only after the OWNER file in the current SIG directory is deleted. If the OWNER file exists, the original member relationship and permission control functions are retained.

  3. (Mandatory) The sig_info.yaml file must be assigned with a global maintainer who has the merge permission on all repositories in the SIG (inheriting the original maintainer logic).

  4. (Optional) Specific committers can be added to some repositories. These committers only have merge permission on these repositories.

  5. (Optional) Contributors without merge permission can be added to some repositories.

  6. (Optional) Admins with administrator permission can be added to some repositories. These users can use the git push function to merge code.

  7. The access control group creates sig_info.yaml for each SIG based on the OWNER file and repository information.

How to Compile the sig_info.yaml File

Manually Compiling the sig_info.yaml File

The sig_info.yaml file contains the following basic elements:

nameString(Mandatory) SIG name
descriptionString(Mandatory) SIG description
created_onString(Mandatory) SIG creation time
mailing_listString(Optional) Email list address for the SIG discussion
meeting_urlString(Optional) URL of SIG regular meeting minutes
mentorsList(Optional) List of current SIG mentors
maintainersListList of all maintainers in the SIG
repositoriesListInformation about the Gitee repositories managed by the SIG

Each record in the mentors list and maintainers list represents the personal information of a mentor and a maintainer, respectively. Each record contains the following elements:

gitee_idString(Mandatory) Gitee ID
nameString(Mandatory) Name (or nickname)
organizationString(Optional) Organization
emailString(Optional) Personal email address

The repositories field is a list. Each element in the list represents the information about a group of repositories managed by the SIG, including the following four fields:

repoList(Mandatory) Array consisting of names of repositories managed by the SIG
committersList(Optional) Common committers of the repositories
contributorsList(Optional) Common contributors of the repositories
repo_adminList(Optional) Common repo admins of the repositories

repo is an array of repository names, and committers/contributors/repo_admin are member arrays. Each element indicates a piece of personal information, which is the same as the maintainer information.

gitee_idString(Mandatory) Gitee ID
nameString(Mandatory) Name (or nickname)
organizationString(Optional) Organization
emailString(Optional) Personal email address

Committers have the permission to review the code of all repositories in the corresponding repo group, while contributors are the main contributors of all repositories in the repo group.

sig_info.yaml example:

name: Infrastructure
description: This is a sample sig. Please copy it over and modify it accordingly.
created_on: '1970-01-01'
meeting_url: NA
mature_level: startup
- gitee_id: batMan
  name: Wayne
- gitee_id: Joe
  name: JoeDou
  organization: RealT
- gitee_id: Jane
  name: JaneDou
- repo: 
  - openeuler/infrastructure
  - openeuler/website
  - openeuler/website-v2
  - gitee_id: Bob
    name: BobMa
  - gitee_id: infra_superman
    name: Clark_Ken
    orgnization: Justice_L
- repo: 
  - openeuler/cve-manager
  - openeuler/tool-collections
  - openeuler/go-gitee
  - openeuler/gitbook-theme-hugo
  - cve-manager
  - gitee_id: tommyliu
    name: Tommy
  - gitee_id: lisa993
    name: LisaLi

Filling Out the sig_info.yaml Template

The infrastructure provides an automation script to quickly generate the configuration management file sig_info.yaml of the related SIG.
The gitee_id of the maintainer comes from the OWNER file, and the repository information in repositories comes from all repository configurations in the sig directory. Other information exists on a formatted template and needs to be completed manually.

Using Commands to Submit the sig_info.yaml Template

  • Obtain the community repository code.

git clone

  • Go to the SIG management directory.

cd community/sig/

  • Create a sig_info.yaml file template in the corresponding SIG folder.

python3 xxx (xxx indicates the SIG name, such as Infrastructure or A-Tune)

  • Go to the corresponding SIG folder and modify the sig_info.yaml template.

  • Submit the modified sig_info.yaml file.

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