Ceph Community News (2022-02-17 to 2022-03-13)


Cephalocon 2022 Postponed to July 11-13

Cephalocon 2022 has been rescheduled to July 11-13. The schedule is now available at Cephalocon 2022 sched.

Ceph Octopus v15.2.16 Released

Notable Changes

  • Fix in the read lease logic to prevent PGs from going into WAIT state after OSD restart.
  • Several bug fixes in BlueStore, including a fix for object listing bug, which could cause stat mismatch scrub errors.

Recently Merged PRs

Recently, the PR mainly focuses on bug fixing. The following describes notable changes:

  • cephfs-top: Added average read/write/metadata latency. pr#41397
  • rbd: Added rbd_default_map_options to be set and used at the image and pool level. pr#44904
  • common: Used thread-local pointer variables to save the shard location required. pr#44479

Recent Ceph Developer News

Each module of the Ceph community holds regular meetings to discuss and align the development progress. Meeting videos are uploaded to YouTube. The major meetings are as follows:

Crimson SeaStore OSD Weekly MeetingCrimson & SeaStore developmentWeekly
Ceph Orchestration MeetingCeph management module (mgr)Weekly
Ceph DocUBetter MeetingDocument optimizationBiweekly
Ceph Performance MeetingCeph performance optimizationBiweekly
Ceph Developer MonthlyCeph developerMonthly
Ceph Testing MeetingVersion verification and releaseMonthly
Ceph Science User Group MeetingCeph scientific computingIrregularly
Ceph Leadership Team MeetingCeph leadership teamWeekly
Ceph Tech talksDiscussion on Ceph community technologiesMonthly

Performance Meeting

  • At performance weekly on March 3, Intel's Michal Wysoczanski introduced openCAS versions and applications, as well as features of Ceph-based application deployment. However, he did not mention Ceph-based performance optimization. It is expected that the information can be provided in the future.
  • At performance weekly on March 15, the following performance-related issues were discussed:
    • PGLog optimization
    • Crimson cyanstore performance testing
    • rocksdb iterator performance

Ceph Talks

The Ceph community discusses technology-related topics monthly. The topic discussed in March is as follows:

  • 2022-3-24, Ceph Tech Talk: How Teuthology Works with Kamoltat (Junior) Sirivadhna

Ceph Community Newsletter

Ceph Community Newsletter March 2022 Edition is published. This edition covers the following contents:

  • The Ceph Quincy Release Canadidate v17.1.0 is available.

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