openEuler provides a series of tools, documents and operation procedures to help you test the compatibility between openEuler and hardware. If you need to perform compatibility tests on hardware such as servers, perform the following process:
Compatibility Test Process
Apply to join the openEuler community ( 0.5 days ) .
You need to apply to join the openEuler community on the Gitee platform to become a member of the organization. Application address:
Apply for a compatibility test.
Send a compatibility test application to the public mailbox ( ). The email subject must contain "Apply for a Hardware Compatibility Test". After receiving the email, the sig team of openEuler will contact you and sign an agreement with you offline.

Learn about the compatibility test policies.
Before performing the compatibility test, learn about the openEuler hardware compatibility policies. Click here to obtain the document.
Create an issue ( 0.5 days ) .
After signing the agreement, create an issue under the oec-hardware project in the openEuler community ( ) and specify the hardware information in the issue. The openEuler team will give feedback on the issue in a timely manner.
Perform the compatibility test ( 10 days ) .
After the issue is created, you can perform the compatibility test. The openEuler team provides the compatibility test framework and user guide that help you complete the test. Click here to obtain the user guide.
Submit the result for review ( 2 days ) .
After the compatibility test is completed and passed, update the test result to the issue. Send the test result to the public mailbox as instructed by the user guide. Send the application for reviewing the compatibility result to The email subject must contain "xxx Hardware Compatibility Test Result", where xxx indicates the community issue ID.
Release the result ( 2 days ) .
The openEuler team will review the submitted result and add the hardware to the Compatibility List after it is approved.