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HTML Elements

Below is just about everything you'll need to style in the blog.

Heading 1

Heading 2

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Body text

This blog is about bla. This is strong


The sites that have been chosen are listed and described next to each work, with encapsulating quotes or pieces of text narrating central themes for the groups.

List Types

Ordered Lists

  1. Item one
    1. sub item one
    2. sub item two
    3. sub item three
  2. Item two

Unordered Lists

  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item three




struct async_entry {
	struct list_head	domain_list;
	struct list_head	global_list;
	struct work_struct	work;
	async_cookie_t		cookie;
	async_func_t		func;
	void			*data;
	struct async_domain	*domain;

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