openEuler Community Infrastructure Is Launched

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openEuler Community Infrastructure is Launched Since September 17, 2019, when openEuler was announced to be open source at the end of the year, the openEuler infrastructure team has been preparing the infrastructure. After more than 3 months' preparation, the openEuler community infrastructure was officially launched.

On the evening of December 31, 2019, openEuler infrastructure team mentioned: "We are very excited at this moment. It was hard to imagine that we will manage thousands of repositories. And to ensure that they can be compiled successfully, we would like to thank all those who participated in contributing". The biggest challenge in building this community is managing so many code repositories. Such an amount of repositories puts a lot of load on the entire infrastructure system.

As shown by Gitee, openEuler includes two organizations, one for source code and the other for packages sources. Currently it shows that there are 20+ repositories in the source code organization. I would hight recommend 2 projects, iSulad and A-Tune. iSulad is a lightweight gRPC service-based container runtime. Compared to runc, iSulad is written in C but all interfaces are compatible with OCI. And A-Tune is a system software to auto-optimize the system adaptively to multiple scenarios with embedded AI-engine. In addition, you will also see several infrastructure-supported projects that set up the community's operating systems. According to the submission records of these projects, these systems are built on the Huawei Cloud through script automation.

The other organization is src-openeuler, which is used to store software packages. These packages are to be built to the ISO and installation packages of the openEuler operating system. According to Gitee statistics, there are currently about 1,000 software packages stored here, each one The software package provides both ARM64 and X86 architecture versions, so the amount of engineering is beyond anyone's imagination. And the amount of these packages will continue to increase.

According to Gitee statistics, there are currently more than 50 contributors in the community and nearly 600 commits. About 20 SIGs (project groups) are in openEuler community.

The openEuler community is currently in the preparatory stage. If you are interested, please contact to join the infrastructure team.

At this important moment, please join me to say thanks to the following contributors:

  • dogsheng
  • freesky-edward
  • imjoey
  • tommyhusheng (husheng)
  • xiangxinyong
  • zerodefect (Fred_Li)