The original server hardware resources and H3C cloud were used to create 200 sets of VMs running Unity Operating System (UOS) as these created a suitable environment for subsequent system porting. Based on the newly purchased NF2180M hardware and Kunpeng S920X00K servers, 263 sets of VMs running UOS were created on the innovation cloud, providing resources for OA system porting.

Leveraging existing technologies, China Post Group Corporation (or China Post) selected a popular and stable technical architecture to separate the management plane of Cloud Container Engine (CCE) from its service plane. Using the 1+N architecture, China Post centralized the management of a data center using a management cluster and deployed multiple service clusters in different network zones to meet service security, compliance, and isolation requirements.


UOS supports multiple versions of the mainstream cloud architecture OpenStack, delivers highly available components and solutions which are easy to maintain and feature cloud native, and provides all the migration tools required to completely migrate original service data.

Set up a professional technical service team to ensure availability, compatibility, and stability of the software and hardware involved in the production environment.


  • In October 2021, China Post successfully adapted and migrated the innovation cloud platform and OA system to UOS V20.