FindIndividuals or companies find two or three persons with common goals in the openEuler community to discuss and set up a SIG, which aims to maintain a specific type of software package in the openEuler community or to initiate an incubation project.
ApplyCreate an application file on Gitee and initiate a pull request (PR) according to the procedure for setting up a SIG. Make an appointment for attending the Technical Committee meeting.
DiscussAt the regular Technical Committee (TC) meeting, discuss and reach an agreement on the technical scope and maintenance objectives of the SIG.
ApproveThe TC approves the establishment of the SIG. The corresponding PR is integrated into the code repository, and the infrastructure automatically establishes the corresponding repository.
OperateThe SIG starts to operate. Members use the mailing list and regular meetings for discussion and operation.
ImproveThe TC periodically reviews the SIG operation and provides guidance.